2.5 months to go…

Hope you are holding on quite well.

Hope you are still fighting for that dream.

Hope that you are pushing on even in the midst of many storms.

Hope that you started the count down.

Hope the challenge is keeping you on your toes.

Hope that you are intentional about the challenge.

Hope that you are praying continuously.

Hope that you are becoming wiser.

Hope that you are becoming better and better each day.

Hope the journey is making you feel relaxed.

Hope you are still learning.

Hope you are sharing what you learn.

Hope you remember that you are your original self.

Hope you are taking each day at a time.

A very big thank you to Mr.Holliman for nominating me to the Liebster Awards. Am very grateful for my first nomination.

Mr.Hollimans’ blog is very inspirational, feel free to visit his blog @greathappyliving.worspress.com. It feels nice to be nominated by a stranger whom we are connected through writing.

Thank you Mr.Holliman @greathappyliving.worspress.com

The Rules to the Award:-

1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and use the Liebster Logo.

2. Share 11 facts about you.

3. Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger(s).

4.Nominate 11 bloggers and ask 11 questions.

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11 facts about me :-

1. I love God.

2. I love reading.

3. I love sports.

4.I am tall.

5. I love my country Kenya.

6. Politics run in my blood.

7. I like travelling to serene places.

8. Am 80% introvert and 20% extrovert.

9. I don’t have a specific meal.

10. I love goats and sheep.

11. I have so many unpublished writings.

Mr.Holliman 11 questions to me:-

1. Where are you from? Kenya, Africa

2. Do you like roller coaster? In life Yes, they give room for growth.

3. What was your very first car? A toy car.

4. What was your first job? Procurement

5. Do you prefer dogs or cats? Dogs

6. What is your #1 goal to complete?Facing fear.

7. What act of kindness have you done? While still in high school, I bought a revision book for a small kid using my pocket money in a bus.

8. What would you do if you won a million dollars? I would open an academy that empowers and caters for arts, sports and culture.

9. How much do you love God? More than anything in this world.

10. Do you love to travel? Yes, at quiet and cool places.

11. What is your favorite topic about life? Gender

My nominees:-

Allow me to do 7 nominees:

1. Malcolm Marsh- Author @malcolmmarshauthor.com.

2.Coffee time @yourdaynewscoffeetime.wordpress.com

3.Daily Sally @ dailysallie.wordpress.com

4. Rosie Blog @ rosemaryntanga.wordpress.com

5. Linda Gatere @ lindagatere.com

6. The Other direction @ pratikkawar.com

7. My travel stories @ chinkutravels.wordpress.com

My 11 questions:-

1. What keeps you blogging?

2. Where do you get inspiration from?

3. Do you love your country?

4. Have you ever played badminton?

5. What kind of genre do you like reading?

6. Do you like robots?

7. What’s your view about millenials?

8. Do you support Gender Equality or Women empowerment?

9. Do you like Geopolitics?

10. If you became president, what kind of policies would you champion?

11. Are you a morning or night person?

I look forward to reading the replies of my nominees.

Thank you for Liebster Awards Nomination…

Baghdad Bounedjah the Algerian player who missed a penalty against the Ivory Coast in the quarter finals saved Algeria at the finals of Total AFCON 2019 with a magical, incredible, unexpected and only goal two minutes into the game against Senegal.

It was kinda dramatic and no one imagined such a quality goal. Call it luck maybe for Algeria.

In the first half Senegal had alot of possession and playing a fair proffesional football. On the other hand Algeria had all the cartoon characteristics. The touch and fall sympathy for free kick. A little tickerious for Algeria who were also favoured by the temperature in Egypt as its almost like being in Algeria. The two neighbouring countries who share the Middle East climate.

In the second half it was more of a defensive game by both games. Witnessing a lot of free kicks and corners. Senegal maintained possession but were slow in sharing the ball. They were taking alot of time to pass to the nearest player. Algeria continued with their tricks this time being so much rough on the pitch. They never took a chance to stay with the ball. They were running fast which becomes easier to get the ball.

Could we say that Bounedjah was the man to watch? Probably, when he missed the penalty he literally cried while off the pitch. He could not fathom the idea of him failing his team. During the penalty shoot out he cried as he hid his face while lying on the ground and was relieved when they were through to the semifinals.

Senegal getting the fair play award was deserving. Throughout their matches they have maintained proffesional even when playing with Kenya which was kinda rough by both teams.

Congratulations to Algeria and to all teams for participation and representation. Waiting for AFCON 2021 with bated breadth at Cameroon, the Total African women football 2020 and Olympics in Tokyo 2020.

The distractions are over now I will now start updating on the 6 months perfection challenge.

Thank you for reading.


Desert Foxes it is-AFCON 2019

I must say that there was a great improvement from team Kenya. It was more like a pressured game to watch. I commend them for staying calm. Personally I don’t like pressured games but had to watch this one. It was do or die. Although there’s still a slight chance for them to qualify they played well even though not as expected. Senegal has always been a strong team and Kenya is slowly matching towards the same.

There were no many fouls like the ones in Algeria vs Kenya. That game was rough, absolutely rough from the time it kicked off up to the extra time.

Tanzania and Kenya was also a game to reckon with, a celebration that will have a lasting impact and more so for Olunga who managed to score two goals in Kenya for pushing it to number three in group c, well at least not the last.

However, Harambee stars were still unable to finish passing the ball to the opponents goal side. Ball possession was at its lowest. No strikers for Harambee stars for them to keep shooting until they get a goal.

Senegal had more of carpet ball other than the high end ball from Kenya.

As always when the ball is in the ground its easier to make passes.Whenever the ball is up in the it’s up for grabs. Kenyans were playing safe to avoid the penalties and yellow cards which they later got in the end.

Since Kenyans are most times rough seems like the Senegalese game plan was to understand them, know how they play and establish their weakest point in the first half.

It’s always a sad moment when you loose a penalty, you always feel like the whole world is crumbling down.

Senegal were on a revenge mission in the second half.

A series of fantastic saves by the goal keeper Matasi from Kenya. Could have been 6-0. What happened to the players was quite frustrating. They seemed to have given up. Probably tired from playing a hard defense for 63 minutes. And a reckless confusion by kenyan players towards their goal keeper resulted in a goal against Kenya by Sarr from Senegal.

Kenya was literally playing defensive game.

Every players’ tricks in the second half , a slight touch and one falls leading to free kicks.

Team Kenya needs to work more on team work and carpet ball. To take opportunities as they come. It was an interesting game anyway. They did well.

So many lessons to learn. Am still flying the Kenyan flag high because this is just the beginning. We cannot afford to loose hope because African games are usually two years apart.

Its a tap on all the player’s back and more especially for the goal keeper Matasi. He did well.



Afcon 2019 : Proceeding with Moderation

You can tell if a football game will be enjoyable within 10 minutes into play or rather the first glance at the players in the game. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s always the same scenario. Some intensify as the game continues others after the first half.

The jubilations that come in two minutes of the game even when one has not yet picked the games’ momentum is immense especially in a womens’ football match. The first since the introduction of VAR. It proves to be a must to watch. Not sure if David Beckhams’ presence was a great contributor but it was awesome to see him cheering. A lot of patriotism there for him. The stadium was full of many spectators.

The passes are so efficient and on target between England and Norway. Creativity was at its best. Norway was a good team even when they played Scotland before. Great team work was evident in England’s team. I must say that the game was extremely enjoyable.

In Africa,

The slogans written ‘Harambee Stars Tunaweza’ must have lifted Kenyans spirit especially after scoring the second goal.

The game between Tanzania and Kenya was wanting especially within the first thirty minutes of the game. It’s however important to note that the second 45 minutes was the best for team Kenya. So many fouls in the game. A mischievous Kenyan trying to waste time so that the game can end on their favor only to get a yellow card as a goal keeper. Wishing team Kenya all the best as they play Senegal. See you in the last 16 team.

Compared to Europe they seem to enjoy watching the game in the field unlike in Africa where we watch on tv. The stadium in Egypt was half full half empty.

I must say that Kenya played Tanzania well more than Algeria.

Yes I watched both Fifa women’s World Cup and Afcon. Football has never been this enjoyable. It was about the Europeans and East Africans.

2019 Football Mood

Understanding yourself begins with being aware of your emotions. When and how they change and the contributing factors. Many are the times we ask ourselves this question or rather we ask one another. Emotions bring a sense of belonging, confusion, anger, anxiety and happiness.

How do you understand yourself first? If we are able to control our emotions it show a level of high emotional intelligence.

Ask yourself what triggers your emotions in relation to anger.

Could it be when someone steps on your toe or shoes while walking in public. A sharp pain makes you want to turn around and smash whoever it is, right. A smile makes the pain disappear and the other person wandering what kind of being is around. Next time try smiling first at the person who offends you, it makes a big difference in that even in your response will change. If the person says sorry do you still go ahead and pick a fight? Some do some let go. You find them arguing and you can’t really get in between them. There’s always that fear of confronting people who are in such situations. Some we can control, others are usually out of hand and require peace keeping authorities to intervene.

Or it could be a child throwing a stone or a ball the they were playing with in your direction and items you were carrying fell. You yell at them or you order them to collect the items for you? We see it happen almost everywhere. As a bystander how do you react to such situations. Are you able to control them ? Many are the times when we delve into such matters you left with a bitter taste because no one understands why you trying to help.

Or your child could be hit by a stranger due to small misunderstandings and you end up confronting them to a point you are about to call all your supporters to come and help you.

At the work place, things may not always go your way but you cannot act in a way that offends everyone. You have to be caring enough to feel other people’s feelings.

How you react to such situations matters alot. It reaches a point in life that just makes you want a very peaceful environment which is less judgemental and has less conflicts.

Incase someone stepped on your toe and they apologize you just respond with’ its okay’ as long as there’s no harm done on the toe especially when wearing sandals.

For you to be able to achieve complete satisfaction in your life it starts by being aware of your emotional limits.

Even in relationships with others you are able to know when to argue and when not to. There are situations that don’t necessarily require an argument all they need is for you to understand them then respond with caution and a polite tone.

The R vs R : Reason before you React.

Then in the end ask yourself what calms you down. This will help you in averting any other situation that will hold your emotions forever.

It can be:- walking, singing, reading, meditation, writing, drawing, listening to music, watching tv for programs like comedy and documentaries. Whichever it is make use of it. Meditation makes a lasting impact.

The feeling yourself attitude is great and has greater benefits.

Ask God to give you the strength and make you aware of your emotions.

Be happy and spread the happiness.

Have a blessed weekend.

#6 months perfection challenge.

Emotions: Understanding Yourself