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Breathing life out of Covid 19

As the pandemic unfolds we are all likely to face new unpredictable challenges each day. None of us will have all the answers. The answers will continue to evolve as the days go by. We are all on a journey, we can easily say.

Most people infact everyone has had to change the way they live, do things and relate with others. Its not sane to be indoors the whole day without thinking of your loved ones, family and friends. Watching TV all day is a boring task,your eyes get tired. Being online is another tipsy headache especially if you are following or avoiding the myths and conspiracy theories revolving around corona. You’ll see people die, others infected and affected, others being searched for and you can only hope and pray that they do not come in the neighborhood because asking a sick person where, when and who they had contact with is such a daunting task. Anyway we have to evolve even in this period of uncharted situations.

Companies have had to adjust the way they do business and control their staff. Others have laid staff off. Its not easy being an employer at this time. Laying off will come to your mind and at the same time sympathise with them because they also have families to feed. You end up agreeing with them to stay so they can save up a little to last for some days and that the salary has to be reduced since the business is going south and for them to keep safety as the first priority. They travel to work and the money they want to save is eaten up in transport cost. Leaving early so as to avoid the curfew hours and now another lock down in some areas. They end up following governments’ directive to stay at home.

We forget the pregnant women who nauseate upon the smell of sanitizers and soaps and they have to minimize movements at all costs. They are the riskier ones. You find them in supermarkets in a dilemma whether to condone the smell or go back. They ask for a bar of soap and viola stares trickle in. They are afraid to go to the hospital because they are not sure how safe it is. Some will wear masks others still roaming around unaware of their consequences.

The old are more afraid of what will happen. Some will understand others have literary no clue since the memories are fading. They ought to be guided in a slow and positive manner to prevent Bp and heart attacks.

There are also children who to be honest cannot survive in the house all day all week. They need to play or so do their bodies say. In plots they gather in a small open field oblivious of what is going on. Some parents improvisation of them wearing mask though they can’t shout and they hang them on their necks. This is among the hardest group to contain. Parents have now become their teachers giving assignments and marking, a reminder of many years that passed by without reading their books to see which homework they had been given. If they don’t have a field they play on balconies although in limited numbers. Its such a pity.

Then there’s the government doing all possible to help control the situation and hoping the citizens adjust themselves to obey the rules put in place.

Its a different scenario altogether where we form unprecedented collaboration towards the fight of Corona Virus.

#StaySafe #We shall overcome #Be a keeper

Book Review


‘Garissa After Dark’ by Gilbert Mwangi
Reviewed by David Lawson

‘Garrisa After Dark’ is an unforgettable story that a reader will find interesting and exciting . The writer a wordsmith, cleverly brings this town to live and its true nature to light.

The wrong impressions, stereotypes, beliefs, hearsays about the township of Garissa peddled by some media houses and street gossips were all proven wrong when the writer came face to face with the real fact on the ground;and lo and behold! The beauty of Garissa, one of the most fascinating and lively towns in Northern Kenya, was revealed. There is always a truth about every city, town, village and Garissa is no exception.

The reader is kept wondering why the residents of Northern Kenya never considered themselves to be Kenyans. Were there wars, misunderstandings, amenities and resources clearly and evenly not distributed as the central government shared the national cakes ;what might actually have been the causes? The writer did not tell us and one has to read between the lines to discover these mysteries.

The writer in an attempt to save the youth of the town from HIV and AIDS was fiercely and angrily met with strong rebuttals and a big no by the religious and opinion leaders. Timing to act and knowledge and history of a society are very important and never to be downplayed.
Well, would the writer abandon this worthy cause and forfeit his monthly payment? As he pondered deeply on what strategy he should adopt in driving home his NGO’s mission, while sipping a drink, an angel came to him out of the blue and gave him the answer. Armed with this, he subdued and conquered the religious, opinion leaders as well as the diehards and became the mighty hero, the rescuer and saviour of the youth of Garissa.


Book Review


‘Life is a bully’ by Gilbert Mwangi
Reviewed by David Lawson

Gilbert’s writing taught us that in life everybody is important no matter his status in society and that old friends are real friends indeed. His maternal uncle, who is often in drunken stupor, played an important role in the writer’s teenage life when it matters most in connection with his high school education. Also through his uncle wisdom the title of this story was cleverly coined by him. Life is not only a bully but a throw back as well as one has to be paid back in his or her own coin, for cheating and unjust means do surely get rewarded in the right time.

Touching on single parent, though not easy, the zeal, determination, focus and sacrifices exhibited by the writer’s mom in shaping his life were sterling and highly commendable and thus a moral booster and clarion call for most single parent that there is a great light at the end of the tunnel and that all is not lost if they are so determined to make it.

The story also highlights some noteworthy areas like ‘mau mau days’ – good for history lovers and researchers, and the rivers, highlands /mountains, rainfall and forests serve as a good tourist potentials for the village. Truthfully every village has something to offer.

Whether the writer is a lawyer as envisioned and destined to save his relatives from the long unending land feudal battle dating far back to ‘mau mau era’, one has to find out from the book.
The ability to adapt to new environment, forget about disappointing, painful events and well determined and focus to achieve one’s dreams and vision are well captured there in the story.

This is a captivating story touching on some real life’s issues. It keeps the reader’s interest aroused, gluing to the pages as s/he reads like watching a great movie.

The creativity, entertaining, sense of humour, purpose and fluidity of words laced with wisdom displayed in the story serve as a perfect stock in trade for those in the creative art – film, movie – industry. Seekers and builders of strong vocabulary will surely find this book as a perfect companion.



Brow Blow

Pam was standing at the left corner of Wa Yvonne shop when some students on the right laughed out loudly pointing at her in turns. She had gone to buy the tasty round brown mandazi with a white cream decoration at the center. It was one of the few shops in the estate, 100 meters away from Pearl’s home and you would differentiate between the visitors and residents of that area. She wanted to go back as soon as possible and finish her laundry before going to meet Pearls’ mother in town at 12 pm.

Courtesy of pexel

Her hands abreast, she pretended not to listen to any one. She looked around bending her face not to be seen. She was a shy freak. The queue was long and there were nine people ahead of her. Her stomach was acting as a play field for the tape worms running against each other waiting for food. She wanted to slip in between the buyers to the front, taking advantage of her short height then shied away.

She gazed admiringly at the left side where a young couple were standing. They had worn matchy-matchy outfits in white T-shirts labelled Mr, Mrs, prince, princess and blue trouser jeans. The children were interlocked between their parents who seemed to be so lost in their conversation that they didn’t notice their two-year old princess come to the shop to play with some other kids.

Pam had never been outside on a Saturday morning. The scotching sun was setting to play its cards very well. “Wewe madam songa mbele,” the students shouted arrogantly at her then looked at each other and back to laughing hysterically again. This time giving a high five to each other. Pam was shocked, embarrassed and did not utter any word. She was like a child who had just been awoken from sleep, drooling and not in the mood. She had forgotten about her stomach field.

She had to wait for the shopkeeper to unpack some merchandise that had come in and she remembered that she wanted salt,sugar and flour to cook queen cakes for Pearl after school. Her mind had been carried away by the laughter. She didn’t take it lightly. She wondered if it were the clothes she wore or the slippers that differed the ancestors plight of illuminating colors blue and green because she was in a hurry to leave the house.

Living in the city was something she had never imagined. They kinda know that am new here, she kept telling herself. She slipped a bit and heard the young girls’ cry coming from below the counter window of the shop eating papers that dropped from the shopkeeper. Pam had hit her with her leg as she stretched her whole body to buy items. She helped the baby stand and collected her items from the shop attendant. Pam walked slowly with the baby towards where her parents were standing.

She was now taking the baby back to her parents and had to pass by the students who had shown no mercy to her. She thought they had admired her make up or her perfectly shaped eye brows. She was so glued to the baby and started calling unto the parents, excuse me! excuse me! They turned and exclaimed in unison, oh my goodness! Princess what were you doing? Mrs asked her girl as she walked few meters ahead to meet them.

Pam slipped on a big stone and fell on her right side with a big thud and Mrs quickly dashed out to hold her princess before she fell on her. Pam’s clothes were muddy. Her face was spotted with mud like cheater prints, her hands held firmly on the ground and her shopping bag in two pieces leaving her mandazi scattered, flour half full, sugar intact covered with mud, salt pierced twice. The girls’ mother had been slapshed to on her white T-shirt. She hurriedly bent over to Pam, “hey are you hurt?” she asked. Aammhhh mmhh, Pam shrugged.

She tried to lift her head and could not raise her whole body. People had started surrounding her and she felt so awkward prompting her to dip her face in the mud as she touched her brows. Oohh no! she sobbed. She felt devastated. It had taken her two hours to shape and decorate them neatly. Her hands had been shaking the whole time as she looked at the mirror with a lazor. She had watched over 1001 tutorial videos and today had been the day she felt she had achieved the perfect look oblivious of what would follow.

The students’ irritating laughter killed her even more. They seemed to have enjoyed her misfortunes. She tried to hide her bitter face when one spectator trying to hold her hand shouted, there’s blood on your left eye. She wiped the blood with her grayish muddy palms. She screamed in pain as the open wound was big and had been infected by the mud. Blood was oozing like a flowing river from her face to the ground. Her hands were becoming feeble and she placed her palm on her brow. She started loosing consciousnesses with each passing minute and heard people in distant voices say “lets lift her up to a dry ground”.

#Books Book Review

Breaking Down by Eunniah Mbabazi

How many times do you break down in a day, month and year?

It’s a fast read. A short story that captures the emotions, pain, freedom of life and death. It has characters that reflect life. It’s a roller coaster of emotions that talk about how you loose the unborn child, being in the life of your worst enemy. Seeing the life of others and what they face.

We do not necessarily choose to break down it either happens for a reason or purpose.

The book can be read by all genders ranging from young to old. It also features some of the emotions that men go through and how they can let go.

Issues that affect a young person when they are told something negative and how it affects them when they become of age. Their feelings never go away. It haunts them.

The aspect of mental health has been captured in a way that the reader gets to understand that depression is wide. People end up doing silly mistakes as a result of depression. Without proper guidance this people hurt themselves and other in the process.

The book is an eye opener of so many things.

Grab yourself a copy, read and review for yourself.

#Books Book Review Crime thriller

Chasing a Bullet by Douglas Logedi

It’s a crime thriller book that talks about the life of a terrorist hunter. It’s written in a well researched manner on terrorism in Kenya with real life examples on Westgate attack, Garissa university attack and Bomblast.

It’s a continuous book that gives a clear picture of the people around us. The terrorists are the people we dine with, fall in love with them, our neighbors and to some extent are our relatives. These people we unknowingly form the best part of relationships with them. They are also our closest friends whom we share secrets with. They laugh when we laugh and strike when least expected causing harm to their people. The book resembles our struggle to find a cure of the criminal acts. With so much radicalisation happening then making sure that everyone is safe is the government’s challenge.

Mustafa had been looking for the terrorists without an idea that his father was involved in crimes. The books’ characters evolve to love. Amina, Mustafas’ sister is a lady with Myleoma and Leukemia. She finds love in the least expected ways. Mo loves her and they have a wedding despite her condition which he was aware of.

Media has been featured to signify it’s role in informing the public when such acts happen, how the happen and why. It’s evident because a journalist tips off police officers when Salim’s home is attacked by four gangsters. Salim who was Amina’s father is shot by one gangster as a revenge mission because he killed her father and buried the body in his basement. Salim had collaborated with Alshabab.

6 months perfection challenge Hope Motivation

2.5 months to go…

Hope you are holding on quite well.

Hope you are still fighting for that dream.

Hope that you are pushing on even in the midst of many storms.

Hope that you started the count down.

Hope the challenge is keeping you on your toes.

Hope that you are intentional about the challenge.

Hope that you are praying continuously.

Hope that you are becoming wiser.

Hope that you are becoming better and better each day.

Hope the journey is making you feel relaxed.

Hope you are still learning.

Hope you are sharing what you learn.

Hope you remember that you are your original self.

Hope you are taking each day at a time.


Watch “Review of ‘The Land of Bones’by Tom Mwiraria” on YouTube

6 months perfection challenge Goal setting learning Life Motivation

Thank you for Liebster Awards Nomination…

A very big thank you to Mr.Holliman for nominating me to the Liebster Awards. Am very grateful for my first nomination.

Mr.Hollimans’ blog is very inspirational, feel free to visit his blog It feels nice to be nominated by a stranger whom we are connected through writing.

Thank you Mr.Holliman

The Rules to the Award:-

1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and use the Liebster Logo.

2. Share 11 facts about you.

3. Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger(s).

4.Nominate 11 bloggers and ask 11 questions.

5. Notify your 11 nominees.

11 facts about me :-

1. I love God.

2. I love reading.

3. I love sports.

4.I am tall.

5. I love my country Kenya.

6. Politics run in my blood.

7. I like travelling to serene places.

8. Am 80% introvert and 20% extrovert.

9. I don’t have a specific meal.

10. I love goats and sheep.

11. I have so many unpublished writings.

Mr.Holliman 11 questions to me:-

1. Where are you from? Kenya, Africa

2. Do you like roller coaster? In life Yes, they give room for growth.

3. What was your very first car? A toy car.

4. What was your first job? Procurement

5. Do you prefer dogs or cats? Dogs

6. What is your #1 goal to complete?Facing fear.

7. What act of kindness have you done? While still in high school, I bought a revision book for a small kid using my pocket money in a bus.

8. What would you do if you won a million dollars? I would open an academy that empowers and caters for arts, sports and culture.

9. How much do you love God? More than anything in this world.

10. Do you love to travel? Yes, at quiet and cool places.

11. What is your favorite topic about life? Gender

My nominees:-

Allow me to do 7 nominees:

1. Malcolm Marsh- Author

2.Coffee time

3.Daily Sally @

4. Rosie Blog @

5. Linda Gatere @

6. The Other direction @

7. My travel stories @

My 11 questions:-

1. What keeps you blogging?

2. Where do you get inspiration from?

3. Do you love your country?

4. Have you ever played badminton?

5. What kind of genre do you like reading?

6. Do you like robots?

7. What’s your view about millenials?

8. Do you support Gender Equality or Women empowerment?

9. Do you like Geopolitics?

10. If you became president, what kind of policies would you champion?

11. Are you a morning or night person?

I look forward to reading the replies of my nominees.

6 months perfection challenge AFCON Football

Desert Foxes it is-AFCON 2019

Baghdad Bounedjah the Algerian player who missed a penalty against the Ivory Coast in the quarter finals saved Algeria at the finals of Total AFCON 2019 with a magical, incredible, unexpected and only goal two minutes into the game against Senegal.

It was kinda dramatic and no one imagined such a quality goal. Call it luck maybe for Algeria.

In the first half Senegal had alot of possession and playing a fair proffesional football. On the other hand Algeria had all the cartoon characteristics. The touch and fall sympathy for free kick. A little tickerious for Algeria who were also favoured by the temperature in Egypt as its almost like being in Algeria. The two neighbouring countries who share the Middle East climate.

In the second half it was more of a defensive game by both games. Witnessing a lot of free kicks and corners. Senegal maintained possession but were slow in sharing the ball. They were taking alot of time to pass to the nearest player. Algeria continued with their tricks this time being so much rough on the pitch. They never took a chance to stay with the ball. They were running fast which becomes easier to get the ball.

Could we say that Bounedjah was the man to watch? Probably, when he missed the penalty he literally cried while off the pitch. He could not fathom the idea of him failing his team. During the penalty shoot out he cried as he hid his face while lying on the ground and was relieved when they were through to the semifinals.

Senegal getting the fair play award was deserving. Throughout their matches they have maintained proffesional even when playing with Kenya which was kinda rough by both teams.

Congratulations to Algeria and to all teams for participation and representation. Waiting for AFCON 2021 with bated breadth at Cameroon, the Total African women football 2020 and Olympics in Tokyo 2020.

The distractions are over now I will now start updating on the 6 months perfection challenge.

Thank you for reading.