The younglets in elections change

Would you rather choose waking up early/ late to vote and fail/win or not vote and win/fail. Which one carries more weight? Which one would you be proud of?

The right to change leaders in a country depends on its people. The citizens express their civic duty to defend the state and resist oppression.

Everyone is talking of how tired they are because of the recent change in the cost of living. Who holds the burden of change between the leaders and the people? It is the people through exercising their democratic of voting whether you win or fail.

Yes, we need to change a few sections of the constitution not the whole. The process needs to be free and fair. The changes should not be rapid. Let all stakeholders be involved. It should not be changed to favor some.

I keep suggesting that it’s now time for the youths to wake up and contribute to this referendum debate. You are the people who will be there in the next 50 years and what will be your contribution. There are so many wrongs in our politics and you can straighten them. Opportunities are many to make a difference.

Many times when a young person raises a voice to question the government or those in power they are humiliated until they go off the radar. The competition of paying money to spread propaganda becomes real. Someone who was trying to build a cool life in politics becomes a die hard political thief.

The youths have always been used to cause chaos. Many have no jobs. The desperation to earn a living kills their integrity. Instead of ending tribalism it has become more rampant.

Some are of the opinion of restructuring IEBC and there is still census to be conducted. We cannot have a referendum now and the changes to be effected there and then. As a growing nation you have to proceed with moderation.

Be the change you want to see.

Be the voice you want to hear.

Stand up for yourselfs.

Start now it’s never too late.

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Where does your love take you…

It’s a beautiful feeling to love and be loved back. Love is a strong feeling of affection for somebody.

Today we shall focus on love as a verb, like or enjoy. More often than not the young boys and girls discussion always has like or enjoy. I like that teacher, he/she teaches well and am able to understand. I would really love to go to a good national school. I like that city. I like this story book. I enjoy swimming, playing football and basketball. I like that playing field. I like that story book. I like mathematics. I enjoy riding. I enjoy speaking in kiswahili. You will not hear people say they like to kill or steal. They don’t like living in poverty either. Who does anyway?

Around the globe the killings using guns, knives,sharp and blunt objects, suicidal deaths have been rampant and there is no lasting solution. We’ll talk about counseling but is it enough really. For our country Kenya we have emulated the west in all manner of talking, fashion, politics and leadership. Instead of competing with them we are doing what they are doing. Instead of thinking outside the box we are reluctant to think ourselves waiting for opportunities.

Children have become more intolerant. The strikes in high schools, burning dormitories and classrooms, bullying fellow students, beating their teachers, parents turning on teachers and vice versa. It breaks ones heart to see or hear of such stories. It’s sickening to have such repetitive actions.

Is there a better solution to this?

No solution is better if it’s not put into practice. The statistics will show that many people who have been influenced by this vice are the young people or better the millenials. People have turned on those they love, their parents, neighbors and strangers.

We need to get angry as a nation and demand from our leaders to set a good example for the current and future generations. They need to come up with strategic measures in ending this vices.

Where do partners go first in case they have marital issues? To the Chief. It would be prudent if the chief’s assistants were professional counsellors. It will create more empowerment hence the cases of violence will reduce. It’s a multidisciplinary approach that should be taken.

As a neighborhood, community and nation let us try to take care of one another. The future is bright if we join hands to fight this vice.